Our farm has:

  • more then 20 ha high quality pasture directly at our farm - you can see the Baltic Sea
  • more then 40 ha nearby for our own produced hay-silage for wintertime
  • different run-in sheds/covered yards 
  • up to 8 variable indoor boxes (only for foaling or for sick horses, to be separated)
  • some paddocks for wintertime
  • heatable automatic drinking bowls in all stables
  • outside feed places with hay-silage and nice food straw in wintertime and Mineral stones
  • in summertime 24 hours pasture directly around the farm
  • small indoor arena 11 x 27 m (sand)
  • outside arena with lights 20 x 40m (sand)
  • outside arena 25 x 35m (sand)
  • Round-Pen (sand)
  • free walking machine
  • fantastic landscape directly at our farm for hack out in the field and on the beach of Baltic Sea




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