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stallions at stud (natural covering):


Artifical insemination with desired stallion:

  • artifical insemination with fresh or frozen semen with your desired stallion (all stallions who offer semen shipping, all horse breeds possible) 
  • stationary accomodation of your mare at my farm 
  • during the season, I am available to you daily for the care/insemination of your mare, so you are welcome to bring your mare to "outpatient care" during this time and take it home with you immediately afterwards (primarily for insemination with fresh semen)
  • more than 20 years of experience in this business with continuous training
  • particular specialization in insemination with TG, deep intrauterine and low-dose insemination

flat rate fresh semen (per cycle)
(included all ultrasound, inseminations and pregnancy control day 15)

 250 € + 19 % VAT

flat rate frozen semen (per cycle) 
(included all ultrasound, inseminations and pregnancy control day 15)
450 € + 19 % VAT
ultrasound per control (if not flat rate)    40 € + 19 % VAT
accomodation per day 
mare (pasture or paddock)
mare with foal (box and some hours in paddock)

   10 € + 19 % VAT
  20 € + 19 % VAT
accomodation after day 15. pregnancy    double price

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Caballus Z

2001 * darkbrown * Zangersheide * 1,68m * WFFS positiv * OCD free * pur dark genetic 

approved via success in sport: Zangersheide and all german breeding associations (no Trakehner and Holstein), Polska some other on request

natural covering: 450 € upon registration + 450 € on the 60th day of pregnancy (+ 19 % VAT)

We recommend that all breeders only mate mares that have tested negative for WFFS.

EU-frozen per dosis (4 straws): 600 € (+ 7 % VAT) free for ET, ICSI. (semen storage EU-station „Tierarztpraxis Buchenhof“)
sire: Caretano Z
(Caretino – Reichsgraf – Rasputin)
dam: V. Pr. Gil
(Grannus – Leonardo – Depozyt)




Caballus Z fertilizes very well.
His first foals (from very different mare models) are born in 2021 and all stand out due to their noble modern type and very correct physique with solid foundation. Without exception, they have very beautiful faces with large, clear eyes. In addition, he inherited impressive, expansive and relaxed basic gaits. He also passes his friendly character on to his offspring.

He is particularly recommended for mares who need a modern, very rideable stallion with iron-hard health, solid foundation, a strong back and stable nerves. Caballus Z was completely X-rayed at the age of 18 during the licensing at Studbook Zangersheide - without findings! Even now, at the age of 22, he has crystal clear legs. He seems to have inherited this iron-hard health from his mother. Our, also self-bred, V. Pr. Gil. by Grannus is currently in top form at the age of 30 (!) years, with a shiny coat and also with crystal-clear legs in the well-earned retirement in the midst of our herd of broodmares.

Caballus Z is Nations Cup winner and has several successes at 5-star level. After his international career, from the age of 16 to 18 he was an excellent, extremely easy-riding and reliable teacher for young riders at the level of 1.20 to 1.45 m.

Caballus Z was bred at our farm in Keller and sold to Poland when he was two years old. There he was very successfully brought out under his rider and trainer Piotr Sawicki. Already in 2009 he was 5th in the Grand Prix of Katowice in the CSI 2* (1.45m) and successful in other national Grand Prixs. In 2010 he was placed in Linz CSIO 3* NC, a 10th place in Falsterbo at the CSI 5* (1.60m), second in the Grand Prix of Bratislava CSI 3* (1.50m), in Lanaken at the “Sires of the World He impressed with his top performance, at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky/Lexington (USA) he was one of the youngest horses and won the hearts of the spectators with his willingness to perform and his quality at the jump. In 2011 Caballus Z came third in the Nations Cup in Drammen. In Aachen in 2011 he took part in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, Poland did not qualify there as a team, which unfortunately made it impossible for him to take part in the Olympics in Rio.

In 2011, Caballus Z was licensed by the Polish Breeding Association for WLKP and Polish Half-Blood because of his outstanding lifetime successes. In 2012 he won the Nations Cup in Riga at 1.60m level and was sixth in the Nations Cup (1.60m) in Sopot.

In the fall of 2012, Caballus Z moved to the stables of Andreas Brünz in southern Germany, who successfully released him in a number of 2* to 4* Grand Prix (Lanaken, Donaueschingen, Braunschweig, etc.) and national M1* to S1* classes until 2016.

In 2017 Maximilian Ertz rode him to some national successes in M1* to S1* jumping before the young amazone Antonia Riethmüller took over Caballus Z in 2017 and successfully presented him in smaller jumping classes.

Since July 2019, Caballus Z is still fit and kicking, back with us, at home in his place of birth. During the Zangersheider licensing in September 2018, he very quickly became one of the visitor favourites, certainly also because of his amazing life story (see article at "Studforlife") and his extremely friendly nature.

Caballus Z is one of the last sons of the popular Zangersheide sire Caretano Z that is actively used for breeding. Unfortunately, he was not granted a very long career, because he died quite young as a result of a testicular fracture. Caretano Z was internationally highly successful under Jos Lansink, so as in the Sires of the World. The important Holstein mare Bravo produced Caretano Z and others. also the valued sires Contendro I and II.

Via the Caballus mother, V. Pr. Gil, the highly valued blood of the Hanoverian trademark stallion Grannus as well as good old and hard Trakehner blood via Labirynt and Depozyt are added. Gil brought u. with Concorde the successful advanced level show jumpers Caesarion (POL/ITA) and Caldus (D) as well as Certo, successful with Calvaro Z (AUT). With Verdi, Gil brought the mare Vicinia Z, who also produced great offspring in our stable with Padinus (Priamos), Dominator Z (Divina Z), Herodot (Hadrian Z) and with Heart-Throb BS (Heron Z).


The maternal line produced a number of successful sport horses via the mare Drossel and her daughters Mady and Leonarda (both were foundation mares at Zuchthof Keller), such as the mare Atlantis Z v. Atlantus Z, BCH finalist Wivus by Warrant, Copia v. Cobra (Grand Prix 1.50m/USA), the international eventing horse Creon Z by Caretano Z (CIC2*/USA) and the licensed stallion Corvus Z by Caretano Z (POL).



Heart-Throb BS

2007 * bay * Danish Warmblood * 1,68m * WFFS-free

approved via stallion test for: Danmark, Sweden, Zangersheide and all german breeding associations (no Trakehner and Holstein) some more on request 

natural covering: 400 € upon registration + 400 € on the 60th day of pregancy (+ 19 % VAT)
sire: Heartbeat Z
(Heartbreaker – Ramiro Z – Pericles xx)
dam: Ophelia XV
(Barnaul xx – Lagos – Malteser)





Heart-Throb BS fertilizes very well. His foals stand out due to their beauty, noble type and correct conformation. His offspring show very good basic gaits and excellent reflexes and ability at the jump. Despite the manageable breeding commitments in Denmark and Sweden, he has already produced great offspring for show jumping and eventing, which are currently proving themselves in sport primarily in Scandinavia but also in Great Britain. What is striking is the very good character and the particular willingness to perform of his offspring. In Germany, his oldest offspring are now 4 years old.

Proven sire legends such as Heartbeat, the trademark stallions Heartbreaker and Ramiro as well as the highly esteemed thoroughbred Barnaul xx can be found in his pedigree. An excellent outcross opportunity for mares with the almost inflationary Holstein “C-blood” in their genetics. Breeders of thoroughbred, intelligent showjumping and eventing horses will find the right sire for their mares here. It goes particularly well with mares with a slightly longer back that can use a little more charisma. He passes on his noble type with beautiful, expressive faces, a correct conformation with a solid foundation, his super reflexes and enormous willingness to perform - as a bonus he also gives his dreamlike character.

Heart-Throb started his successful career as a foal when he became the best colt in the Danish Warmblood 2007 and was rewarded with the highest score of 10.0 by the judges.

In 2010 he received an award at the Danish Warmblood licensing and was voted the best jumping stallion among three-year-olds and was awarded the bronze breeding medal.

PROTOCOL - stallion approval:

He has a fantastic type with a beautiful head, long, well-carried neck, long, well-defined withers, good elbowroom, excellent topline, well-formed, muscular croup, good muscled hindquarters, correct foundation with well-formed hooves. He has a very good canter and jumps with very good front leg technique and bascule as well as a lot of scope.

  • exterieur: 9-8-8-9

  • forelimbs/hindlimbs: 8-8
  • gallop: 8
  • all complete: 9
  • loose jumping - technique: 9
  • loose jumping - ability: 8

In March 2010 he passed his 10-day test in Vilhelmsborg, Denmark, with very good results. The 35-day test in Vilhelmsborg followed in October 2010, also with an excellent rating:

  • all complete: 8,67

  • character: 10
  • rideability: 8 bis 8,5
  • gallop: 7 bis 7,5
  • jumping technique (loose jumping and under rider): 7,5 - 8,5
  • jumping ability (loose jumping and under rider): 7,5 - 8
  • test rider: 7,5

In the years 2012 to 2013 Heart-Throb was very successful up to jumping classes M** (1.35m), unfortunately a serious injury ended his sports career very early.

His sire Heartbeat is not only considered an important sire in Scandinavia. Because of his offspring, Heartbeat was nominated by the Swedish Warmblood as one of the most promising stallions of the year in 2016. In 2018 he became Stallion of the Year thanks to his three highly placed offspring at the Swedish Breeding Championships. His offspring Heartcore L won the 6-year-old class, Thelma Hästak was placed 5th in the same age group and Viking Hästak was 3rd in the 4 year olds.

Heartbeat passes on its outstanding breeding qualities as a modern sport horse to its offspring. B. Albleader's Happiness under Steve Guerdat (SUI) or Kia V u.a. under Alexa Stais (RSA) in the international arenas. Heartbeat was also internationally successful itself. Even as a young horse he was convincing: in 2005 he won his 30-day test in Vilhelmsborg. In 2006, as a 5-year-old, he won the Danish Show Jumping Championships. In the same year he had four clear rounds at the World Championships for young show jumpers in Zangersheide and placed second at the Championships for 5-year-olds in Falsterbo.


Heart-Throb's mother Ophelia by Barnaul xx is an elite mare and a.o. Mother of another internationally successful and licensed stallion: Coulthard by Colman, who is successful in international jumps up to 1.60m with Lars Bak Andersen. Her son Cajro B by Cajus was also licensed and was premium stallion at the 2015 licensing in Herning. Grandmother Angelina and her siblings are very successful in sport, 4 of them with victories and placings in class S.


Heart-Throb's oldest Danish offspring are very successful in show jumping and eventing in various European countries. A daughter became champion mare in Denmark with special jumping quality: lots of ability and very good technique. The Swedish born foals all have a fantastic top line, are very expressive and have excellent basic gaits. They also have a very good temperament and are social and easy to handle. All jump with quick reflexes and excellent technique. The show jumpers Krogardens Topic Heart, Braveheart, Tanholms Just Female, Stenbaeks Le Coeur, and the eventing horses Laurbergs Heartman (United Kingdom) and a now 6y. Stallions out of a mare by Brief Truce xx (Finland) are currently the best-known offspring in Scandinavia and England.



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